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Functional Safety and Security Testing

ISO-26262 defines what is requires to avoid unreasonable risk due to hazards caused by malfunctioning behaviour of E/E systems.

We provide complete testing services for Technical Safety requirements in compliance with ISO-26262 standard and for security vehicle architecture, interfaces,Gateways and Networks.

Hazard analysis and risk assessment -
ASIL ratings

  • Analysis of system functions to determine possible hazards
  • Evaluation of risks associated to functions
  • Definition of ASIL levels for system requirements: 
    • ASIL A/B/C/D: ASIL D represents the most stringent level and ASIL A the least stringent level

Technical Safety Requirement analysis and testing

  • Review of safety concepts and evaluation of safety-critical systems and components 
  • Development of required simulation models and hardware schematics to cover system specification 
  • Design and implementation of test cases in accordance with the required automotive safety and integrity level (Boundy values analysis, Analysis of equivalence classes, statement/branch coverage, Fault injection, …) 
  • Hardware, software and system integration validation 

Safety processes and documentatiion management in compliance with ISO-26262 standard

Functional safety refers to process-oriented safety certification standards that are applied to embedded systems for validation 

  • Tailoring: identification of needed work products
  • Safety plan definition 
  • Configuration management: control of versions, storage, lifecycle and repositories of work products 
  • Requirements and traceability management: automated traceability of requirements 
  • Change management including management of impact of changes on safety requirements (removal of detected defects, change without introduction of hazards) 
  • Safety cases and confirmation measures development