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The automotive industry is facing a multitude of technology-driven disruptions that is expected to continue at higher rates in the coming years.

Autonomous driving, connectivity, electrification, smart mobility (ACES), security and functional safety are boosting innovation to higher OEM competitiveness to offer technology advanced car that, in turn, increase ECU complexity and transform cars’ architectures.

Consequently, automotive OEMs, and tier-one suppliers are facing several challenges to offer highly sophisticated ECUs, that generate a vast amount of testing.

To meet the challenges of an increasingly complex automotive software reliability, Primatec relieves its customers to enroll end to end ECU testing services, from test environment development and test automation across all the test management phases to ensure high quality software. 

  1. Primatec automotive testing services

Primatec provides intelligent testing, automation services and frameworks that enable our customers to offer reliable end products.

 – Test automation

Believing that test automation is crucial to offer the most accurate testing results, we continuously invest in the development of test automation frameworks driven by AI and ML technologies.

Our intelligent testing and automation frameworks provide a prescriptive analytics approach for test-case generation and analysis optimization, improving code quality and test coverage, and reducing defects in the product’s lifecycle. All while enabling today’s most strategic development initiatives — agile, continuous testing, DevOps, and security.

Automotive testing services:

We offer cutting edge services that ensure complete responsibility of automotive ECU testing across all phases of the product’s lifecycle from unit testing to acceptance testing.

  1. Using Model-Based Design approach

HIL, SIL and MIL come in the verification part of Model-Based Design approach after requirement analysis of the component/system to test or under development.

We applyModel-Based Design approach on models simulation level or on real components hardware and under development/developed software.

To perform efficient testing policies, the verification and validation strategies are composed of different test stages on different test platforms, ranging from MIL and SIL platforms to highly customized HIL test benches.

This calls for a high intelligent testing that manages all test activities of the test platforms and test automation tools.

  • Deep expertise on various vehicle component testing

Partnering with many Tier 1 companies, Primatec has over a decade of experience working on complex ECU testing projects for some premium OEM like BMW, Audi, Hyundai, .., mainly on Body and Comfort, In-Vehicle Networking and Functional Safety and Security.

Body and Comfort ECU Testing

Primatec has been performing heavy-duty and highly intuitive end-to-end automotive testing services and solutions for an extensive range of Body and comfort ECUs like Car Access control units, interior and exterior light control, many entertainment and energy management functions and many comfort control units like climate control and air conditioning system, Seat adjustment and belt bringer, Windshield wipers and washers systems, … .

In-Vehicle Networking Testing

Primatec Engineering has been working on Automotive Ethernet testing from the earliest stages of BMW automotive ethernet implementation.

Primatec has also in-depth experience in the other bus systems like CAN, Can FD, Flexray,  ..and gateway testing services across all gateway development and testing product life cycle.  

Functional Safety and Security Testing: ISO-26262

We provide complete testing services for Technical Safety requirements in compliance with ISO-26262 standard and for security vehicle architecture, interfaces, Gateways and Networks.

  • How Primatec is prepared to meet the disruptive innovation testing?

Driven by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies, our intelligent testing services and frameworks are designed to offer scalable and highly optimized software testing  solutions that offer reliable and accurate results.

Further, based on our in-depth experience, know-how and expertise in the test automation, we are continuously working on defining optimized automation strategies that lead to maintain the level of 95% of automatically running tests.

Our state-of-the-art testing and automation services make Primatec prepared to address, meet and handle the challenges of the upcoming rising of ECUs complexity.

1+1=3: Partnerships will result additional competitive advantages

In a world driven by specialization and excellence, the different players of the automotive industry are aware to focus on companies’ strengths, core of business and innovation capacity.
We are in Primatec striving to advance our services in automotive testing and elaborate new  collaborations that make a great value to the end product and increase our customers’ competitiveness.

For further information about our ECU testing services and solutions, and learn about how we can help to reduce your time to market and reduce testing costs please reach out to info@primatec.tn

Author : Mariem Drira

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