Primatec considers human resources as its greatest asset. We aim at expanding our talented team and maintaining a work environment that provides opportunities for all members to improve their capacities and maximize their potential.

Our HR strategy is:

  • To expand our young and dynamic talented team;
  • To ensure dignity and respect of each team member;
  • To offer attractive salaries and benefits;
  • To involve the staff in interesting motivating projects;
  • To provide a clear and easy way to communicate information between all company members.

Job Opportunities

In order to successfully provide opportunities for growth and realize Primatec vision,  our team gives a great importance to the quality of its experts and the working environment in the company.

In Primatec, you have the opportunity to improve your career within a highly talented team that will push you and inspire your innovation.

If you are qualified in software development and communication technologies and you have enthusiasm for team-work, you can check our “Job vacancies” section and choose and apply for a job. Please contact us at:


Believing that an internship is an effective way to provide an opportunity for skill development, Primatec offers interesting projects for interns. It allows them to see the relevance of their academic training to the professional environment via high quality supervision provided by our engineers at Primatec.
Successful interns who prove a high sense of professionalism and efficiency have an opportunity to join our team at the end of their internship.

If you are looking for an internship, you can make an application and contact us at:

Hiring Process

The hiring process of Primatec includes several steps:

  • The first step consists in a structural process of short-listing that depends on the required profile for the vacant position, the candidate’s Curriculum Vitae and professional experience (in case the job specifies a required level of experience).
  • The second step consists in a series of tests. If the candidate’s profile matches our job offer, a series of tests are set (knowledge test/ job interview) with our engineers and project managers.
  • In the third step, the candidate is interviewed by the managers to finalize the hiring process.
  • Finally, the candidate signs the job contract with us to join the Primatec Team.